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Chiang Rai

Elephant Riding and trekking

Elephants have always held a special place in Thai culture. These gentle, highly intelligent giants have earned the love and admiration  of the Thais as a symbol of power

Training is hard work for both the mahout (elephant handler) and the animal. A professional mahout develops a bond with his elephant before mastering the skills of control. Elephants are then trained to perform tasks such as hauling logs and carrying tourists on safari.


There are many excellent golf courses throughout Thailand with some of the best in the north with the cooler mountain air making the experience thoroughly enjoyable.We recommend Santibury Golf in the Wiang-Chai District.

Canoeing Rafting and Kayaking

There are many areas in Northern Thailand surrounding Chiang Rai, Chiang Mai, Tak, Maesod and Mae Hong Sorn where you will find excellent conditions for canoeing, kayaking and white water rafting with rushing, gurgling rivers and streams for the brave and peaceful lakes for the less adventurous.

Spend a few days on the water and explore the spectacular scenery from a different perspective and if adventure is your thing you can even spend the night in a jungle camp.

Canoeing and Kayaking in Chiang Rai


Chiang Rai is an ideal base for recreational fishing. The locals fish in the many public ponds and lakes but if you want to catch really big fish we would recommend the Kieng Doi Fishing Park about 5 km from Chiang Rai.

Our staff will be happy to make arrangements for you.

Adventure trips

For real adventure in Northern Thailand click here to see some of the myriad of options available. You’ll be surprised !! Watch THIS video !!!

Elephant riding in Chiang Rai